10 Things To Do In Sana’a

Most of you are wondering what to do during your visit or stay in Sana’a and here we’re going to give you some helpful tips on some interesting things to take part in in the old city of Sana’a

  • Walk around the old city of Sana’a in the early morning

Walking around the old city of Sana’a in the early morning has a different taste especially when you watch the locals starting their day heading to the market and opening their shops. You will also hear plenty of blessing words hoping to have a blessed day.

Old city of Sana'a

  • Enjoy some traditional Yemeni Chai

There’s no way you’ll go to the old city of Sana’a without having some Yemeni tea. Try Chai Ahmar (Tea) or Chai Haleb (Tea with milk). If you love milk then ask for Haleb Mofawer and if you prefer tea without milk then you should try Chai na’naa (Tea with mint)

  • Old Sana’a from the top

Nothing better than seeing Sana’a from the roof of one of its old buildings. If you’re thinking to go inside one of these buildings we recommend you to go to the roof of Burj Alsalam hotel as there’s a cafe with a beautiful view of the city.

old city of sana'a

  • Hamam Sana’ani (Sauna)

We all need to relax when we’re away on foreign soil, and one of the best options in Sana’a is going to Hamam. Most of the Hamams are booked for women in the morning and men in the evening. (Going there is usually recommended for men only)

Old Sana'ani hamam

  • On the top of Bab Al-Yemen

Ever wondered about going on the top of Bab Al-Yemen (gate of Yemen)? Yes you can – there’s a small door on the right when you enter the gate which is actually a gallery shop. When you go there, take the stairs up to the gate and enjoy (and some friendly advice – tip the man who works there on your way back)

bab alyemen

  • Have a meal

If you think you have a strong stomach then you should try the local food in the old city of Sana’a. We will leave the choice of what to eat for you but if you don’t like spicy food make sure you tell them when you order “Bedun Besbas”(without spices)

food in the old city

  • Night walk around Alsayelah

Don’t miss the night walk in Alsayelah (rain water channel)


  • Attend a wedding

One of the unique things to do in Sana’a is to attend a wedding. Most of the weddings are held on Thursdays as Yemenis believe it’s a blessed day. Once you see a huge tent with lamps around it and music you can go without advance invitation – Yemenis are friendly they will definitely welcome you as they will know you’re a tourist.

Sana'ani wedding

  • Dress in true local Yemeni style

You can’t just observe the beautiful traditional dress of Yemenis without thinking of wearing it just like them! You can find some traditional dresses in the markets but make sure you get help from a local so you can wear it the way they do.

  • The art gallery

Don’t miss visiting one of the art galleries in the old city of Sana’a.

art sanaa

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