Best beaches of Yemen


Yemen and its islands have outstanding beaches along the Red and the Arabian seas and as such, we’ve found it very difficult choosing our favourites. We are certain that some of Yemen’s beaches are still unexplored by humans, however, it’s summer in the jewel of Arabia and you are about to discover the best beaches of Yemen where you can bask in the warmth of the sun and swim in the still waters of the surrounding seas.

  • #6 – Lover’s Beach – Aden city

lovers beach

  • #5 – Bir Ali – Mukalla city


  • #4- Arher beach – Socotra island

arher beach

  • #3- Shouab Beach – Socotra island

Shouab beach

  • #2 – Aomak beach – Socotra island


  • #1- Qalansiya beach – Socotra island