Best Beaches of Socotra

Most of the tourists who came to Socotra said that Socotra has the most beautiful beaches ever, with the white stands and the unqie color of  the ocean. Let’s see what are the best beaches of Socotra,

  • Qalansiya
    The most beautiful beach in Socotra with its wide open space of white stand.

qalansiya beach

  • Aomak
    Consider as the longest coast line in Socotra and known as the white-snow beach cause its very white stand on the Indian ocean.

aomak beach

  • Shouab
    It has the most amazing ocean color and it’s white soft sand.

shouab beach

  • Arher
    This beach is very different than the other beaches by its huge sand dunes and the fresh water that comes from the mountain.

arher beach

  • Irsal
    The special about this beach is that the rocks are cutting  the beach to make it looks like small natural private beaches.

Irsal beach