Fishing in Socotra

Paragliding, windsurfing, sand-boarding and rock climbing are just a few of the activities you can take part in while in Socotra. To add to this list of adventure, fishing in Socotra has become a very popular pass time and visitors to the Island know that they are in for a real treat as this ‘Galapagos of the Indian Ocean’  may be considered one of the best destinations for fishing on the planet simply because of the size of fish and quantity found in the waters of Socotra.

If you love thrills then fishing in Socotra is just for you. You will put up a fight with the Barracudas of the ocean as they are the most common fish you’ll encounter. However, you will be amazed at the species of fish you can find swimming deep beneath your boat – from Swordfish to Kingfish to Marlin as well as Tuna and huge red Snappers. You’ll also find big Spanish Mackerals and Yellowspotted Trevallys popping and spinning around the Ocean. Some visitors have reported catching sharks!

Do you dare take the challenge and put up a gallant fight against the majestic and sometimes gilled monsters of Socotra’s ocean? We recommend you visit Socotra between October to May and to bring a very powerful rod with the strongest line you can find for one of the most exciting fishing experiences of a lifetime!

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These photos were taken by GT Fishing Team on their trip to Socotra.

Camping in Socotra

As you may know Socotra island is all about nature and there is nothing more bracing than basking in the splendour of nature. Although there are hotels in Socotra, it is recommended that you let your adventurous side run free and instead sleep under the stars in one of Socotra’s long list of remote, yet beaming camping sites.

As long as you have your own equipment for tents, bring along your sheets for sleeping, some food and water, then you can camp anywhere in the island. However, one needs to be aware that there are some camp sites  in Socotra located in protected areas and some camp sites offering a superb retreat accompanied with  food and bathrooms.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular camping grounds in Socotra and feel free to let your imagination run wild as you instinctively plan your next trip.

Dihamri Protected Area (see the map)

Dihamri camp site is one of the few places in Socotra with a beach side at your “door step” with a fully developed community of coral, fish and shellfish. You won’t need to swim further than just a few meters from the shore to see various kinds of soft and hard corals and a great parade of coral fish. Even lobsters, turtles and occasional small sharks can be spotted. There is a camp site located close to the beach on the edge of the Marine Protected Area where visitors can stay overnight and get simple food. You can discover the marine life by snorkelling and diving to several great diving spots in the vicinity of Dihamri. Snorkeling gear can be rented from the beach guard but you would, however, need to bring your own diving gear as the diving instructor leads the way.

Dihamri protracted area

Aomak Protected Area (see the map)

Aomak is the only protected area with tourist facilities on the Southern coast of Socotra. It is located in the centre of the Nujid Plain mostly covered with sand dunes. Herds of camels wander there among paled date tree plantations. The choppy Indian Ocean and long white sandy beaches create a stunning panorama which you can especially enjoy when arriving through the inland Plateau. The camp site has been established just on the edge of the sandy beach of Aomak. The place is a real paradise with a tranquillity of white sands, palm trees and relaxing sounds of the sea waves. Basic meals including fresh fish, bathrooms and camping gear are provided. Snorkeling equipment can be also hired.

Aomak Protected Area

Detwah Lagoon (see the map)

Detwah lagoon and camp site are located on the most beautiful beach of Socotra, Qalancyia. It is a superb spot to enjoy a full day of swimming. The camp site provides tents and sheets plus food and bathrooms. Detwah Lagoon is known for its spectacular landscape and crystal clear water and it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Detwah lagoon


Socotra Island Map

We have been working lately on adding, tourist attractions, landmarks, beaches, national parks and camping sites to Socotra Island Map on Google maps, We highly recommend using Google Maps as it’s provide satellite map that helps you understand the distances. For example how far the airport from the main town or if you wanna discover interesting spot and plan to see them when you come to Socotra, However, you can try it here or on Google Maps official site.

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Best Beaches of Socotra

Most of the tourists who came to Socotra said that Socotra has the most beautiful beaches ever, with the white stands and the unqie color of  the ocean. Let’s see what are the best beaches of Socotra,

  • Qalansiya
    The most beautiful beach in Socotra with its wide open space of white stand.

qalansiya beach

  • Aomak
    Consider as the longest coast line in Socotra and known as the white-snow beach cause its very white stand on the Indian ocean.

aomak beach

  • Shouab
    It has the most amazing ocean color and it’s white soft sand.

shouab beach

  • Arher
    This beach is very different than the other beaches by its huge sand dunes and the fresh water that comes from the mountain.

arher beach

  • Irsal
    The special about this beach is that the rocks are cutting  the beach to make it looks like small natural private beaches.

Irsal beach

Is it safe to go to socotra?

Many people were wondering about the safety in Socotra because it’s location near Somalia, and the current situation in Yemen mainland, here we recommend you to watch this video if you have concerns about that. This video you are going to see is report about Socotra island and its safety. Enjoy watching and let us know what you think?