I lived in Yemen for 13 years – Frédéric Pelat

A unique interview with Frédéric Pelat about his trip to Yemen and Socotra Island,

  • What’s your name, where are you from and what do you do?
    My name’s Frédéric Pelat, I’m French, was born in Montpellier (South East of France) but lived in Yemen from 1998 to 2011. I’m now living in London, re-starting studies in Anthropology (with the aim to do a PhD on Yemen soon) but I am basically a tropical agronomist and for this reason I worked in Yemen for 13 years where I created an NGO working on development, Iddeales
  • How did you heard about Socotra?
    I heard about Socotra when I arrived in Yemen in 1998 but could visit Socotra only in 2010, just one year before leaving Yemen.
  • What do you love about Socotra?
    I love everything about Socotra. I knew Yemen very well from before and was fascinated to discover that close to Yemen, there was an island called Socotra with so much character and as unique as Socotra. I first loved people because I went there to visit a future agricultural project on the main island, so I was guided by Socotris and I enjoyed so much spending time with them, laughing together, sharing food and trying to learn some Socotri pieces of language. The second thing that I loved too much was the unique Socotri nature, from dragon trees to the peaceful and beautiful seaside.
  • Was it safe to go to Socotra?
    Yes of course!! It was more than safe and I wish I could have traveled to Socotra before 2010. I will always remember all the good time I spent with the people I met there… Hospitality, fun, good food, peacefulness… I loved them.
  • What do you want to tell the others who have never been to Socotra?
    I want to tell them that it is a unique place in the world. That People of Socotra are as beautiful as the Nature. That it is a safe place and that I am jealous of anyone who has the chance to go to Socotra today. I wish I could be part of the journey.


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